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The words "custom software development" unfortunately often equate to "spiraling out-of-control-costs" to some. This is too bad, as there has not been a better time to be in the business of software development than today. The abundance of seriously competitive Rapid Application Development tools, in the hands of an expert, can facilitate the translation of ideas into viable, professional tools in time frames not imaginable 10 years ago.

In our experience proper planning, discipline and the right experience are key to project success. We apply these key principles whether the project is a utility completed over a weekend, or a major year-long effort. Our process of detail planning has enabled us to initiate and complete complex projects in circumstances where clients had thought a solution was impossible.

We will not tell you "sure we can do that" just to get your business. We listen and analyze very closely, and if something sounds like it may be complex to implement, we will tell you on the spot, and offer to work out the details.

Our process is simple. We discuss the idea with the client, and generate sketches that show we understand the idea. We keep doing this as long as necessary until the drawings we show the client represent the idea accurately. We then break the idea down into a coding plan. We anticipate places where things can go wrong based on years of experience, and build in error checking and handling. We plan for future expansion and "feature enhancements" and build in room to grow. Before we even begin coding, we have built a construction plan that has taken nothing for granted and leaves nothing to the imagination, because if we haven't already done it, we've imagined it.

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